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Stickman Doodle Epic Rage
Stickman Doodle Epic Rage

Stickman Doodle Epic Rage

Stickman Doodle Epic Rage: Unleash Your Fury

Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure as you dive into the world of Stickman Doodle Epic Rage. This game promises an enthralling blend of fun, addictive beat'em-up action, realistic physics, and hardcore gameplay. With its straightforward controls, anyone can jump into the fray and become a force to be reckoned with.

The Street Fighting Showdown

Street fighting takes center stage in this action-packed adventure. In Stickman Fighter 3d Fists of Rage, you step into the shoes of a fierce warrior on a mission to clean the city of criminals. As waves of adversaries descend upon you, the question remains: are you swift enough to take them all down? Let's find out.

Swift Movement is Your Key to Survival

Every battle in this gritty urban landscape is a test of your mettle. With cool graphics and a screen that scrolls left and right, foes rush at you relentlessly, rarely appearing alone. To overcome these odds, you'll need to employ three major tactics:

  1. Fist Fury: Deliver lightning-fast punches that leave your enemies no chance to counterattack.

  2. Leg Power: Unleash powerful kicks that send your opponents soaring through the air.

  3. Aerial Assault: Jump into the fray and strike from above, keeping your enemies guessing.

By combining these moves strategically, you can become an unstoppable force in the relentless street battles.

Stick Game: A Training Ground for Warriors

To hone your kung-fu skills, head to a specially designed virtual training room. Here, you'll familiarize yourself with your character's movements and develop your own devastating combos. Armed with this knowledge, dive into the battlegrounds and put your skills to the test.

With four playable characters to choose from, boredom is not an option. However, only one character is available initially; the others unlock as you gain experience. Each character boasts unique stats, including power, speed, and jumping ability. Can you ascend to the 80th level to unlock the mightiest warrior of them all? With a total of 100 rounds, you'll have ample opportunities to prove your worth.

Extra Features to Keep in Mind

Stickman Fighter 3d Fists of Rage shines with its attention to detail and intricately designed settings. From epic finishing moves to opponents with distinct names, the game keeps you engaged. A pro tip: interact with the environment. Cans and boxes conceal valuable items such as health-restoring chicken or donuts.

Moreover, the city's streets are littered with an array of weapons. These weapons provide a temporary advantage in battle, so don't pass up a chance to wield a knuckle-duster, gun, or axe.

Periodically, you'll encounter formidable brawlers that pose a significant challenge. However, with each encounter, your experience will enable you to dispatch them more efficiently.

A Safe Gaming Environment

Rest assured, you can enjoy Stickman Fighter 3d Fists of Rage without any concerns about viruses or malware. There's no need for installations, and Kevin Games maintains a commitment to a secure gaming environment.

An Epic Brawl Awaits

Stickman Fighter 3d Fists of Rage stands as one of the best Stick Games you can experience on Kevin Games. This game runs smoothly in modern browsers, requiring no installations. Join thousands of gamers who have already embraced this thrilling adventure, giving it a solid rating of 4.2 / 5 with 388 votes.

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