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Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex

GEOMETRY DASH BAUSHA VORTEX: An Electrifying Descent into Chaos

Prepare yourself for an electrifying journey into the chaotic world of Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex, a solo Extreme Demon level that will push your skills and reflexes to their limits. Created and published by the talented Pennutoh and verified by the dedicated JakeSJ, this level is a formidable challenge, standing as a testament to the most skilled Geometry Dash players.

A Glimpse into Chaos: The Overview

Bausha Vortex is a level that resides in the realms of 2.0/2.1, carrying the legacy of the Nine Circles style. It presents players with a relentless barrage of challenges, including precise timings, invisible portals, and constantly shifting obstacles. While it shares some similarities with the renowned "Down Bass," it forges its identity with a unique electro-styled twist, earning it the moniker of "Electric Circles."

Gameplay: A Symphony of Chaos

The journey begins with a demanding cube segment, throwing players into a world of gravity shifts and unforgiving timings. Here, you'll encounter the "Lag Killer," a low-detail mode key that comes in handy to navigate this treacherous part.

As you progress, a double-speed ship sequence awaits you, reminiscent of the original Nine Circles ship. The backdrop design pays homage to its predecessor but introduces moving elements and 2.0 ornamentation. You'll then face a bewildering cube portion that will test your memory, as it's filled with deceptive lines, portals, and jump pads. The gravity changes after this segment, and the ominous words "GOOD LUCK!" appear, setting the tone for what's to come.

The most challenging phase of the level unfolds—the iconic epileptic wave mode, a hallmark of many Nine Circles levels. A custom backdrop accompanies this section, assuming you haven't activated the Lag Killer. This wave section is notorious for its incredibly tight gaps and thorny obstacles, transforming the level into a full wave hell. You'll encounter rapid speed shifts, twin portals, wave fakes, and cramped spaces that demand unwavering precision.

The wave portion also includes a ball/wave mixed dual, inspired by an unrated Nine Circles level called "Fox Circles," and a buggy yet infuriating dual flat-out wave mode. The level culminates in a cube segment filled with triple spikes, some of which move, adding to the complexity and challenge of this final section.

Trivia: A Glimpse Behind the Madness

  • The level's total height is 1 minute and 12 seconds.
  • It initially claimed the #4 spot on the Geometry Dash Demonlist Above on March 10, 2017, sandwiched between "Sakupen Hell" (#5) and "Below Artificial Ascent" (#3).
  • This addition to the Demonlist brought "Crimson Clutter" onto the Legacy List.
  • The wave portion features Nine Circles color schemes, including violet, cerulean sea green, yellow, and orange.
  • "Bausha" and "Bauscia" refer to the highest social class in Milan, adding an intriguing layer of cultural reference to the level.
  • JakeSJ, the verifier, famously crashed at 98% during the verification process.
  • "Bausha Vortex" served as an inspiration for "Hyper Paracosm," another challenging Geometry Dash level.
  • A humorous reverse version of "Bausha Vortex" known as "xetroV ahsuaB" was created, offering players a chance to progress forward but not backward. It was confirmed by zMarc on December 30, 2020.
  • Technical displayed a "Bad Transition Counter" in his completion video for this level.
  • "Bausha Vortex" found its place in "Abyss of Darkness" on June 12, 2022, further solidifying its legacy.

Geometry Dash Bausha Vortex stands as a testament to the dedication and skill of both its creator and verifier. Are you ready to test your mettle and dive headfirst into this electrifying vortex of chaos? Strap in and prepare for an epic journey that will challenge you like never before.

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