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LoLdle: Unraveling League's Mysteries One Guess at a Time

Embark on a League of Legends Trivia Adventure

Join thousands of players worldwide in the ultimate League of Legends guessing game, LoLdle. With a unique daily twist, players have the opportunity to flex their knowledge of Riot Games' iconic champions. This article delves into the intriguing structure of LoLdle, guiding you through its gameplay, features, and what makes it a captivating daily dose of League trivia.

How to Play LoLdle

LoLdle challenges players to guess the champion of the day from League of Legends, with a fresh face every 24 hours. The countdown to the next champion adds an element of anticipation, keeping players engaged and eager to showcase their expertise. The game operates in daily mode, where typing in the champion's name reveals its properties.

The color-coded tiles provide feedback on the accuracy of your guess. Green signifies an exact match, orange indicates a partial match, and red signals no overlap. Arrows help by showing if the answer property is above or below your guess, enhancing the challenge.

Features of LoLdle

Properties Columns:

  • Gender: Top, Jungle, Middle, Bottom, Support
  • Position(s): Most played positions in the past 6 months
  • Species: Human, Yordle, etc.
  • Resource: Mana, Energy, Manaless, etc.
  • Range type: Melee, Ranged, Melee Ranged
  • Region(s): Demacia, Ionia, etc.
  • Release year: Any year between 2009 and today

Clues: Unlock clues after several guesses, including a random quote, a cropped section of splash art, and the icon of one of the champion's spells. If you guess correctly, return to the clues section to fill in the missing details.

Example Round in LoLdle

Consider the champion is Annie. If you guess Irelia, the feedback would include green for gender, orange for position(s), orange for species, green for resource, red for range type, red for region(s), and red for release year. The detailed breakdown enhances the learning experience.

If you entered Annie, the correct answers would be revealed in green, orange, and red, providing insight into your understanding of the champion.

Your Daily Dose of League Trivia!

LoLdle offers five engaging modes, including CLASSIC, QUOTE, ABILITY, EMOJI, and SPLASH, ensuring a diverse and entertaining challenge every day. Zilean once said, "Time is wasted when you're not playing LoLdle." So, immerse yourself in this daily dose of League trivia, unraveling the mysteries of Riot Games' iconic champions.


LoLdle was created under Riot Games' Legal Jibber Jabber policy using assets owned by Riot Games. Riot Games does not endorse or sponsor this project.

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